16-264: Humanoids (2017)

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16-264: Humanoids
Spring 2017
Instructors: Akihiko Yamaguchi, info [at] akihikoy [dot] net
and Chris Atkeson, cga at cmu
TA: Kazu Otani, kazuotani14 at gmail dot com
Time: MW 13:30-14:50 Place: NSH 3002 Units: 12
Lab (Baxter robot, 3D printer): NSH A529

About This Course


Note: Assignment marked [Plan] means a tentative plan. [Fixed] means a fixed assignment.

Project Website

Each project must have a website presenting the project details. The contents will include:

Put many videos and pictures!

(*1) Instructors will order the stuff listed in this section. Please specify the details, including a URL of the item, quantity, etc. Add a short description about why the item is necessary.

How to make a website? Use CMU's service, Google Sites, etc.

Overview of Student Projects

Q and A

I cannot make a complete list of shopping. Can I buy things later? How to use Baxter?


AY= Akihiko Yamaguchi, CGA= Chris G Atkeson, KO= Kazu Otani
Semi-autonomous home robot for stay-at-home patients (KO+AY)
  Xue An Chuang
  Michael Tran
  Melanie Seah

Drawing Baxter (KO+AY)
  Jiaxuan Li
  David Qiu
  Aathreya Thuppul
  Anni Zhang
  Summer Kitahara
  Kevan Dodhia

Robot hand for Baxter (CGA+AY)
  Kwadwo Akompong
  Lubhaan Kumar

Assistive Glove (CGA)
  Christie Chang
  Clare Lai
  Shaurya Khazanchi
  Taylor Tabb
  Yusei Kujirai
  Pulkita Dua

Baxter: Feeding Bot (AY)
  Kearnie Lin
  Tatyana Mustakos
  Lingdong Huang
  Vicki Long

Teleoperations with Baxter (AY)
  Joyce Moon
  Joyce Wang
  Ritika Srivastava
  Corey Zhou
  Alex Hong

Events, Articles

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National Robotics Week

> On April, 20 & 21, 2017 we will celebrate the eighth annual
> National Robotics Week with an RI open house that will include
> lectures, demonstrations, tours of our facility and social
> gatherings. We will again be holding this event in conjunction
> with Carnegie Mellon's Carnival and Reunion Weekend.

> We would greatly appreciate your participation in our event. We
> are asking for volunteers for project demonstrations both in
> the highbays and lab locations. We plan to have the tours from
> 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m. on Friday, April 21. This tour will
> showcase your work to the many people in town for the Carnival
> and Reunion Weekend as well as National Robotics Week.

More information: http://www.nationalroboticsweek.org/

By Feb 15 (Wed), send your ideas to Akihiko Yamaguchi to display your project results!



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